Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How to make your partner feel special on his birthday?

birthday invitation card
You must be planning for a lot many things to make your husband feel special on his birthday, isn’t it? After all, it’s your spouse’s birthday. To help you plan better, here are a few things that will help you to show your partner how special his birthday is for you.

•    Breakfast in bed
Make him feel special with some deliciously cooked breakfast in bed with a beautiful birthday note. If in hurry, you can cook sandwich with eggs, cheese on muffin, ham etc. provided your husband likes it. In case you’re throwing a party, do not forget to send birthday invitation card in advance to the guests.

•    Birthday note in his car

There can be nothing better than special birthday notes to surprise him throughout the day. You can place the notes in his car and other such places.

•    Dinner

If you aren’t having any party, make special dinner for him with all his favourite food items. You can also decorate the table with flowers and balloons to spice up your cooked dishes.

•    The gift

Do not gift him whatever you’ve got just be wrapping it. Try out some fun by drawing a map and offering clues to help you partner find it. To disguise the gift you can also wrap it in an oversized box.

Thus, these tips will surely help you to make your man feel special on his birthday. If planning for a party, get the best and unique birthday invitation card from a store like the Ravish Kapoor to initiate the magical moment.


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