Monday, 14 March 2016

What to Avoid in your Wedding Ceremony Cards?

Wedding Ceremony cards are like the first impression of your wedding for the guests. And, to live up to the standard of the rest of your wedding preparations, of course it is important to set the first impression right.  So, below here are some common mistakes people make in their wedding ceremony cards; make sure you avoid them to make the great first impression:

Using Too Much Color
In the effort to make it attractive, we often use too many colors that instead make it look clumsy and gaudy. With the right color choice, even a single color tone can make your card look amazing. Use fewer colors with good coordination to keep the look simple and elegant.
Don’t try to do Too Much
We often try to incorporate everything we have in our minds for the guests to know in the card. Edit and omit what is not necessary. The less complicated it is, the better.
Put Eatables According to the Weather
Climate can flop your plan of wooing your guests with delicious sweets. Make sure the sweets you pack in that box will not get ruined due to the climate till the time it reaches the guests.
Late order
While being busy with the rest of the preparations, we feel we have a lot of time to order cards and leave them as a task to be handled later. This leaves no time for changes to be amended or corrections to be made in case of faults found in the card. Therefore, it is safer to order cards early so that you have enough time to check and send for change if required.

And here’s to the amazing wedding ceremony cards on the make!


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