Monday, 19 December 2016

Unique Ideas for Wedding Invitation Cards

This season couture weddings are hot. From themes to dresses and everything in between, everything is completely customized and is being designed as per needs and expectations of brides and grooms. If everything about the wedding is customized, shouldn’t the wedding invitation cards be too? Here are 4 unique ideas for couture wedding invitations.

Matchbox Cards
This is quite an interesting design simply because of its novelty. It looks pretty cool and we have seen people smile the moment they hold the card in their hands. That’s what makes these type of wedding invitation cards so special, they evoke happy emotional responses in people. If you want people to feel happy the moment they get your wedding card then this is just the thing for you. 

Threefold Card with Illustrated Characters
This one is another interesting design that is way far off from your traditional card designs and the design in itself holds an element of intrigue in it because of how you can open it up and see stuff. And speaking of stuff, there won’t be any real characters in it, there will be animated characters which looks cool. 

Flight tickets
Wedding is like a new start to your life. It’s a journey and flight ticket styled wedding cards are very befitting of the occasion, especially when creatively designed this can make a big impression – the right type of impression. These are also very simple to mail and handover, so there is nothing that you need to do much about to get these in the right hands,  just have them made and start mailing them over.

Jaw dropping Paper Cut Designs

Laser cut wedding cards look amazing. There is absolutely no limit to what you can create or how intricate you can make it. Laser driven cutters create very good designs that are bound to impress your guests. And best thing about paper cut couture wedding invitations is that your guests will love showing it off.

Do you have any specific ideas about wedding invitation cards? Share it with us.


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