Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Not Sure About Spending On Boring Wedding Gifts? Try These

Did you receive Invitation Cards for Marriage recently? The moment you get a wedding card in your hand, the first thought you’ll invariably have is: what gift should I get the couple!. For an average Indian wedding is a watershed moment in life. It is considered as important as birth and demise because all three of these happen only once and holds a special significance to the bride and groom. Every participant in an Indian wedding is important and each has a significant role to play, even guests have the very important role of blessing the bride and groom. But ambling away empty handed into a wedding is obviously not what you should be doing. Here are some unique gift ideas that you can consider.

Personalized rings for the couple
Weddings and rings are synonymous. If there is a wedding you can be sure that rings will be appreciated. Get a couple ring personalized with the initials and pack it in an attractive box fir the couple. Prepared to splurge some more? Necklaces make cool gift ideas too if you are prepared to pay for it.

Customized Boxes/Trunks

Want to present a royal gift that’s truly unique? We’ve got an interesting idea for you. Visit your nearest carpenter and ask for a customized wooden chest. It does not have to be a large chest; a medium sized box will do the trick quite well. The trick here is to customize the box with as many artifacts and personal affects you can add to it.

Wine and Ice Bucket  

If the couple is a wine lover, then gifting them a hand-hammered bucket with sturdy round handles makes for a great wedding gift. You can include their favorite bottle of wine or champagne and gift this impressively memorable bucket made of stainless steel.


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