Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Creating the Right Aura for a Valentine Day Wedding

Millions get wed on Valentine’s Day, there is a novelty in a valentine day wedding and more people are getting ready to save the date this Valentine’s Day. But as with all things planning a wedding that too on Valentine’s Day is easier said than done. Let’s share some ideas that we believe will make things easy on you.

Fussing with details

Texture, color, candles, curtains and Wedding Invitations - every single thing that is to be used at the venue has to be befitting of the occasion. When your plans are to keep things simple and private, everything insignificant or big have to be made according to a theme, if you have wedding planners, well and good, they will take care of the décor but if that is not the case, you are on your own. Thankfully, getting the right combination of elements is not very difficult. A couple of visits to your nearest gift and décor shop will give you enough to play with.

A Million Dollar Cake

It’s your wedding and its Valentine’s Day, you have two wonderful reasons to celebrate the day so better make it special. Of course you have the option to splurge unlimited amount of money and effort in designing an extraordinary cake, but money can’t get everything right. What you need is more than just money – you need time and inspiration to design a cake so spectacular that makes your guests go wow with admiration.

Romantic Music

No wedding is complete with sweet music. Have your DJ play some romantic beats to set the perfect romantic mood. If you don’t have a lot of romantic numbers to play ask your guests to help. Request them to respond with their choice. Send an RSVP card along with your Modern Wedding Invitations.


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